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With the wide availibility of rental carpet cleaning machines in supermarkets and local shops, it can be tempting to try and clean your carpets yourself.

Indeed, some of the headline rental prices can make it appear a very cheap option.

But is it? And how does it compare to professional carpet cleaning?

In this post, we'll take a look at the differences between DIY carpet cleaning and professional carpet cleaning, helping you to decide which option is right for you.


Whilst rental machines can look like the cheaper option of the two, the costs can quickly add up.

In addition to the actual machine, the cleaning solutions and attachments are often billed seperately.

They also take much longer to clean carpets properly, with plenty of dry passes needed to extract all the moisture they leave in carpet fibres.

And so once you take into account the add-ons you need to purchase and the time required to clean your carpets effectively, the cost is not such an attractive proposition.

Risk of damage

When you clean your carpets yourself, you are responsible if any damage that occurs, whereas a professional company will be fully-insured to protect you against accidental damage.

DIY machines do not have the suction of professional machines and so over-wetting is common, potentially causing foul odours, shrinkage and browning of the csrpet fibres.

Without enough power or psi, it is also too easy to leave behind sticky residues in the carpet fibres, meaning your carpets will re-soil quickly.

Poor cleaning technique or use of inappropriate products can also cause damage to carpets.

Without professional training and experience, DIY carpet cleaning can end up being very costly.


Rental machines simply cannot achieve results anywhere near to those which a professional can attain.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment provides much deeper cleaning and more effective extration of moisture than DIY carpet cleaning machines.

Professional carpet cleaners also have the knowledge to treat stubborn stains and odors without the risk of damage.

When you book a professional carpet cleaner, you can be assured that they have the tools and products to clean your carpets safely and effectively.


Would you knnow what to do if you saw browning on your carpets fibres? Or how much moisture to use?

Most most people that attempt to clean their carpets using a rental machine are simply following instructions and hoping for the best!

Professional carpet cleaners are trained and experienced in cleaning all types of carpets and identifying stains correctly.

This means they have confidence in which methods and products are best used in any given situation.

This experience ensures a thorough clean that achives the best results possible whilst minimising the risk of damage.


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Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets create a great first impression when entering a home or business.

However, over time, carpets trap soil, dust and stains that can not only spoil their appearance but also leave them unhygienic and smelling stale..

While regular vacuuming can remove dry surface soils, it falls short in keeping them hygienic and stain-free.

For truly clean carpets, it's important to get them professionally cleaned regularly.

Here are just some of the benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

Effective stain removal

Despite being careful, stains are inevitable.

Whether it's a pet accident, a drink spillage or oil from the sole of a shoe, a stain doesn't have to be a permanent reminder of an accident!

Professional carpet cleaners possess the knowledge and specialised equipment to tackle many stubborn stains effectively, restoring your carpets to their pre-stained condition.

Prolonged carpet lifespan

Professional carpet cleaning can extend the lifespan of your carpets.

Over time, dirt and debris accumulates within carpet fibres, causing them to degrade and lose their original appearnace.

Regular professional carpet cleaning is important in order to remove these abrasive particles, preventing premature wear and tear and preserving the integrity of the fibres.

This increases the lifespan of your carpets considerably.

Elimination of odours

Carpets can harbor unpleasant odours: especially in high-traffic areas or in homes with pets.

Professional carpet cleaning not only removes visible dirt but also neutralises any causes of odours that may be trapped within the fibers.

The use of deodorisers and effective cleaning solutions can neutralise and eliminate nasty smells, leaving your living space smelling clean, fresh and inviting.

Removal of bacteria, mold and allergens

Carpets can trap allergens and bacteria that pose health risks, particularly for the elderly and individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies.

Professional carpet cleaning methods, such as hot water extraction (steam cleaning), effectively eliminate these pathogens, creating a healthier living environment.

This is important for homes with pets, as pet dander, bugs and allergens can be deeply embedded in carpet fibers.


The benefits of professional carpet cleaning extend far beyond the visual appeal of a clean carpet.

From improved indoor air quality and better health, to increasing your carpet's lifespan, investing in professional cleaning is a wise decision.

A professional carpet cleaning company can breathe new life into your carpets, ensuring they not only look great, but also contribute to a healthier and more appealing environment.

If you'd like a quotation for carpet cleaning in Reading, Wokingham or the surrounding areas, please don't hesitate to get in touch today.