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Professional carpet cleaning in Newbury

Our professional carpet cleaning process is the most effective way to clean carpets

Welcome to AC Elite Cleaners - we're Newbury's premier professional carpet cleaning company.

Our unique carpet cleaning process can bring your carpets back to life back without the hefty price tag of replacing them.
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Professional carpet cleaning makes a significant difference to the appearance of your carpets and the hygiene of your home.

While vacuum cleaners can remove surface dirt and soil particles, they cannot achieve the results possible with high-quality professional equipment and machinery.

We have improved the condition of thousands of carpets in homes and businesses in Newbury.

Our premium carpet cleaning service utilises the most davanced, high technology machinery and products in the industry and our cleaning process improves the condition and prolongs the life span of your carpets.

We're able to deep clean your carpets and rugs without over-wetting, resulting in carpets that dry in 30 minutes without the risk of any damage.

To get a free quotation for carpet cleaning in Newbury and the surrounding areas, contact us today on 07500 317984.

The benefits of our Texatherm carpet cleaning process:

Safe to use, even on wool carpets
Removes stains and kills dust mites
Your drying time is only 30 minutes
No shrinking, stretching or splitting - Guaranteed
Less moisture
Low noise output
Disinfects and applies anti-static coating without sticky residue

Our specialist carpet cleaning services in Newbury include:

Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning
Stain removal and protection
Appropriate/gentle cleaning for your wool carpets and rugs
Domestic, commercial, construction and end of tenancy packages
Hard floor cleaning

Fully-insured carpet cleaning in Newbury

Our carpet cleaning process

We start with a twin motor vacuum that extracts any surface dust and dirt. 

Next, we treat any heavily soiled areas of carpet with one of our specialist solutions.

We then agitate the carpets to release oils, grime and dirt, bringing them to the surface. 

A second cleaning solution is applied with a pad whih causes a chemical reaction that safely and effectively rids your carpets of any dirt and staining, leaving them not only looking fantastic, but sanitised, odour-free and anti-static too. 

Within 30 minutes your carpets are restored and dry.

If you're located in Newbury and would like a free carpet cleaning quotation, call us now on 07500 317984.
Your carpets will be dry with in 30 minutes unless there is heavy soiling or staining then it could take up to 2 hours.
No, we use a very safe system and have a vast knowledge of the different types of carpet fibres.
Yes we can and the system we use has been approval by wool safe too.
Yes, all are products are completely safe and do not harm children or animals and are environmentally friendly too.
Yes we do, we offer a drop off and collection service or we can collect and return if you prefer.
Yes, we clean all types of upholstery.
Yes and memory foam mattresses too.
Yes, coffee stains can be removed from 99% carpets.
Yes we can get rid of the smell and the stain in 99% of cases.
On average it takes from 1hr-2hr depending on the size of the room including set up.
99% of the time if it’s not been left to dry to long, we can get it out.
Yes, if we cannot get the equipment outside your door, we use extensions with the machine.
Yes we have specialist bio hazard preparation to remove blood safely.
Yes we do commercial carpet cleaning and offer an out of hours service to suit your business.
Yes we do commercial carpet cleaning and offer an out of hours service to suit your business.
If the carpets are not left neutral after cleaning it can cause a residue. We use a unique system that neutralises the carpet as we clean so we guarantee your left without no sticky residue just fresher, cleaner carpets.
Once a year unless you have unusual high traffic or staining.
Once a year unless you have unusual high traffic or staining.
First blot gently in the area of the spillage. Do not press down as this will push the stain further into the fibres.

Try to use absorbent cloths and keep changing them as you remove more of the stain. Take your time.

Once you have most of the liquid out, start to gently rub back and forth over the stain but do not press down. Remember you don’t want to spread the stain keep rubbing very gently changing the cloth as it absorbs more of the stain. The more time you take the gentler you are the less damage down.

To remove the stain completely call a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.
No hot water extraction wont damage your carpets but is one of the best ways to get heavy soil and stains out of carpets recommended by many professional carpet cleaners.
If you can remove as much as possible it really helps but our friendly staff will move furniture where necessary and although our staff would be as careful you would be responsible for any damage caused during the moving process.
Yes, removing as much dust as possible before the cleaning starts, really does help.
Yes you can book at
Yes, we think loyalty should be rewarded.